black hole

Jumped into one tonight. Thought about comfort eating… mainly chocolate and ice cream. Bought the choc but haven’t eaten it yet. I know it’s silly… the more I type the sillier this all seems. Tired tonight. Frustrated. Had such a good day too. Should stop jumping.


Learning to love the song

Listening to my Bruce Cockburn mix at the moment. Am finding more and more that when I am feeling low or sad that music helps lift me. Am lucky that I can listen to music at work- would have been even more unproductive this week without it.
Am glad the term is nearly over. I’m tiring quickly now… has been a very busy, long and emotional school term with family stuff going on too. Looking forward to a rest.

I’m back

Just been reading my blog.  I hadn’t realised just how long it had been.  Seems like ages ago.  Would love to tell you that all is well.  Would love to say that I haven’t gone backwards with depression.

I don’t have a place to speak at the moment.  I listen… it’s my job, it’s the role I have in most of my relationships.  It’s just what I do.  I need someone to listen to me.  Even if no one reads this I will have had the chance to say something.

Today I am sad.

Autumn leaves

Last weekend I was up at Woodhouse Activity Centre staying in the Old House. It was a beautiful setting and I really enjoyed the peace and serenity of the environment. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of the leaves. I did collect one although I left it in a heated room overnight- dried it out a lot quicker than I was planning. I found the picture below at

I really love the colours of autumn, mostly the beautiful deep reds of the prolific deciduous leaves. I made sure I took time to kick my feet in and amongst the leaves that had dropped onto the outdoor chapel. Childish maybe, but it was sure fun.

Autumn leaves