The perpetual questions

Have been back home for 2 days after spending a wonderful 11 days in Victor Harbor- back to reality and it’s all starting to feel overwhelming. How am I going to get it all done? Will there be money in my account when the mortgage and electricity bill is due? Can I get Miss M into the school my heart and head is telling me she needs to go to? Will the Dept fund it? How many jumps and hoops will we have to navigate for it all to happen?

It churns round and round my head, my stomach. I’m not always aware of it till I realise just how tense I am holding my body, or how tired I feel, or how much I am eating.

I want to live the life of faith. I truly believe that God has said that He will provide and that the bills will not go unpaid. I can’t see a way at the moment for any of this to happen- but I guess that’s what faith is… stepping into the unknown holding the hand of the Saviour.


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