black hole

Jumped into one tonight. Thought about comfort eating… mainly chocolate and ice cream. Bought the choc but haven’t eaten it yet. I know it’s silly… the more I type the sillier this all seems. Tired tonight. Frustrated. Had such a good day too. Should stop jumping.


Conference 2011

Awesome SMG Conference this year.  Challenge, training, prophecy, worship.  What else could you ask for?  A real mountain top experience…

but I’m not ready to come down the mountain yet to the everyday

Have a new favourite song:  ‘Revelation Song’ written by Jennie Lee Riddle.  Hope the link works below.  Am a bit out of practise!

Learning to love the song

Listening to my Bruce Cockburn mix at the moment. Am finding more and more that when I am feeling low or sad that music helps lift me. Am lucky that I can listen to music at work- would have been even more unproductive this week without it.
Am glad the term is nearly over. I’m tiring quickly now… has been a very busy, long and emotional school term with family stuff going on too. Looking forward to a rest.