Has been the second week of the school holidays- where have they all gone.  School again in Monday.  Hardly feel like I’ve been on holiday, mind you I do do different work which makes my life interesting.  Today is Anzac Day in Australia.  It’s the day when we commemorate and remember the sacrifice Aussies have made on the battlefield.  I was intending to go to the TTG RSL dawn service but  I’m afraid that when my alarm went off at 5:45am, and I’d had maybe 3 hours sleep, my decision making process opted for more sleep.  Didn’t even see the march which 2 of my sisters and a brother were involved in marching bands.  I’d like to go to Gallipoli one day to attend the Dawn Service there.  It will have to be when I’m sleeping better, not having problems waking up in the morning and have some money.  That’s ok- I’m not going to stress about it.

Have just spent 2 hours chatting to my sister through MSN.  Have had a ball!


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