It has been school holidays this week in Adelaide- one more week left and back to school again. I’ve been working Vacation Care which I find more fun than the normal everyday Outside School Hours Care. And really it should be, because who really wants to go to school in the holidays! Yesterday we went on an excursion to the St. Kilda Adventure Playground. I haven’t been there for years, and although I was the ‘adult supervision’ it was fun (and secretly I wanted to go down the big slippery dip). I remember going there when I was younger and having a ball. Well done to the City of Salisbury for continuing to develop and expand the playground in a time where it seems that lots of the fun (and risk) has been removed from adventure playgrounds because of soaring Insurance Premiums.

I find the whole concept of going to school in your holidays weird to get my head around (even though I work in the industry). I grew up in a time and place where most of my peers mothers were stay at home mums and it was the dad that went to work. Maybe once or twice- a day here or there- I went to a school holiday program, and I particularly remember hating being at one program. School holidays were the time when I could hang out at home and do things with my family. Now before you all yell at me and say that it is a different time, not all families are the same, and mortgages need two incomes to support them etc, etc, I know. But I do wonder what a child loses when they can no longer just hang out and do fun things at home.


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