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To read or not to read…

I find it interesting to note the dilemma I find myself in- and even that I need to write about it.  Spoiled myself today by purchasing the fourth book in the ‘Sunday Philosophy Club’ Series by Alexander McCall Smith, called “The Careful Use of Compliments”.  The name of the book is really not important to what I am trying to say, however it’s content is.  I am caught between wanting to sit and read it and wanting to savour the expereince and draw the reading out for as long as I can.  I remember distinctly how I felt after finishing the previous book and being sad.  I already missed by friends- Isabel, Cat and Jamie.  I will admit that when I read I become totally absorbed in the story as if I’m there.

The other funny thing (well at least I find it so) is that the books are about a Philosopher- someone who thinks lots about the ethics of living, living in her head and thinking before making any decision.  And I am someone who, my psych so deftly pointed out, who lives a lot in my head.  I spend a lot of time by myself, quite happily so, but it doesn’t make for much conversation… so I think and pray.

I want to read the book, yet I also know that there is currently no book number 5.   What to do?  Does it really matter?  Does it make for an interesting blog post?  It beats complaining about life.

I know there are far more important things in this world to think about.  It’s just where I am today.