The black hole

I can feel myself falling further and further into it… yet I know I have choices…

have managed to function fairly well lately- got stuff done that I needed to… then I got in the way

my coping method is to ignore it all, push it away and forget (well try to) about it

I’m drowning again and I don’t know how to stop myself

what’s better- not functioning and unhappy, or functioning and unhappy?

Feeling proud

I finally finished the jumper I have been knitting for Mitchell (nephew no 1.).  Started it last year… put it away in a box when I moved… forgot about it… couldn’t find it… found it and finished it!  I used a circular knitting needle for the first time- needed it for the collar.

I like finishing things… gives me a sense of accomplishment.  (Also one less thing for me to store… sigh- I have too many started projects).  I’ll have to find someone with a camera to take a photo of it for me to put up on here.