Update on inwardly seething

Well it’s all done.  New Pastor installed/inducted/commissioned- still not sure of correct word.  Anger… well I’d like to say it’s gone… maybe just pushed to the side for a bit… don’t have the energy to maintain it.  I nearly lost the plot… nearly pulled out twice (the second time just before the event).

Everything just seemed to crash in at the end of a trying 3 week period.  Not feeling anything in particular about anything.  Sometimes it would be nice to feel ‘normal’ again.


2 thoughts on “Update on inwardly seething”

  1. Im glad its all over for you. Staying in it til the end was the right thing to do. Even if it did make you crash. What is normal??? i hate normal!!! Normal might be easier, but its boring. i know that probably doesnt help. Haha. but, oh well.

  2. Good question.. what is normal? I guess it would be nice to feel something sometime- have had a few weeks of feeling numb… and walking around in a fog. Doesn’t make for a happy Jane let alone an easy way to navigate life.

    You help more than you think.

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