Inwardly seething

It’s days like today when I really question why I still am actively part of the Anglican Church. Our new Minister has arrived and we are having the Installation/Commissioning service next week (I’m not sure of the correct name). Being the church’s goto person with music, I have been assisting with words for the songs and chasing up copyright stuff. But tonight I received an email about changing the words to the songs our new minister has chosen. Maybe I am extra sensitive as I don’t see the need to change the words, but mostly I guess I am because I am a songwriter myself and I would be very angry if someone decided to change the words without my permission. It makes me cross that Diocesan guidelines do not allow for the individual style of music used in our church and in the  Anglican churchas a whole.

Is is worth all this anger… no I guess not… but it is worth some self questioning about what I choose to be involved in and give my time to. Currently I am not prepared to move and I’m willing to withdrawal from it all. I have come too far in my walk through and with depression to choose to go backwards.


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