say goodbye to another beautiful soul

got the sad sad news of a young male suicide today…

makes me sad, makes me angry

that family has suffered so much already

seems more and more to me that knowing we have choices is really important


4 responses to “say goodbye to another beautiful soul

  1. sad to hear jane.

    knowing we have choices is key. being empowered to see them is also.


  2. yes I agree… might I also add being empowered to be able to choose is also a key

    Jane 🙂

  3. nah have changed my mind (how female!) coz if you can see your choices then I reckon you’re already on the way to choosing

    I don’t know… gotta stop thinking

  4. I rekon that half the problem (or more) is that while we do have choices we often don’t know that. so, I think being assisted to be aware that there are choices is the first step. being left on the first step though is not very good so having a hand up the steps of choice is key.

    shine light on the staircase then lead up the steps.

    sounds like a program eh? … “steps of choice”

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