the vault

saw my pysch last week… don’t get me wrong, it is helpful… I guess I want to put all the pieces together faster than they are happening

seems I have this ‘vault’- don’t let anything in or out (my protection mechanism)

seems like the stuff in the vault needs to come out

problem is, I don’t know how to let some of this stuff out, and when it does come out, I don’t know how to deal with it, or I think that the timing is inappropriate so I push it back in

I don’t like what I see and I’m having a lot of trouble reconciling what I thought I was to what I actually see

and I’m pushing away some of the people who are closest to me… I can’t stop it… I want to reach out to them but the pull to protect myself is bigger

if you can’t find me- I’m stuck in the vault


3 responses to “the vault

  1. Hey Janie!

    You’d better tell me when you don’t want me in the vault, because otherwise i’m invading


  2. HEy Janie
    I love you so much
    Lets do coffee….

  3. looking out for invaders!

    Jane 🙂

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