Must be getting old…

Was the ‘adult supervision’ for my sister today with a group of her friends.  Makes me feel old, but I guess compared to her I am- I am 20 years older than her!  All of a sudden she is growing up.  Was fun though to see her interacting confidently with her peers.

Went back to the doctors this week about the depression… to go back again in a month… seems like it’s the beginning of a journey.  I’d like to think that the decisions and changes that I’ve made have made a difference, but it’s too hard to tell after a few weeks.  I am enjoying spending time on the exercise bike- hopefully there will be some weight changes too!

Happy Australia Day


One thought on “Must be getting old…”

  1. Hi janie, coffee date needs to be made. Love you. Are you up for a middleton weekend one time?? anyhoo, have a good week lub claire

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