To whinge or not to whinge…

Seems like my blog has turned into my ‘whinging’ place.  Certainly hadn’t planned to do that, although there hasn’t been a specific plan about what my blog would be.  Would like to say that I’m in crisis- that would be easy.  Am certainly struggling, but not in crisis ( I do have a habit of blowing things out of proportion 🙂 ).

This blog has taken place though of the journalling I used to do, but not completely.

Had our big 120 yesterday.  All in all I think it was a great day.  Lots of people, fun and fellowship.  Me?  Well… still angry and frustrated about things, but I wasn’t going to go into that here- is a bigger picture thing.

It was good to see people I hadn’t seen in ages.  Still have a nagging question- what was the point?  Full church but collection down again.  Lots of catching up with old friends but now lots of people absolutely exhausted. 

It would be so easy to walk away.  Too easy?


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