The church thing…

Well my confusion about church still continues.  Went to my brother and sister-in-laws church yesterday as my nephew was being baptised.  Had a God moment in one of the songs at the end of the service- music is ‘my thing’ and I am usually more attracted to the music than the lyric, so when a song grabs me lyrically I tend to take notice.  About time I reckon.  Things have been crazier than usual lately… car breaking down, moving house, concerns about money… the only thing I have had to hold onto is God and He’s got me through again.  It was so nice to feel something again- to be captured by God as His people worship Him together.  At my church I’m usually consumed with making sure I’m ready to do the next song and feeling pretty empty.

Do I know what’s going on?  No, but I’m getting a few clues… just need to put them all together.  Think it’s going to take some time.


3 thoughts on “The church thing…”

  1. Hey janie. wassup? im having a chat to dad. its very depressing. when we doing coffee??? hhmm coffee, i actually feel like a coffee now. i dont want coffee breath tho!! 🙂 BYE

  2. Hi Janie!

    Haven’t read your blog for the longest time. Am at work and can’t be bothered doing any!

    Anyway, I reckon changing churches is one of the hardest thing to do. Especially when you’ve grown up in one. It’s hard to talk to other people about it too as you feel like everyone has got a vested interest, one way or the other. It sounds very trite, but you just need to keep trusting God.

    Glad I’m not the only one having mixed feelings about the 120th Service. Maybe we should run away together!!!


  3. Hiya Claire
    Running always seems to be the best option… but I always seem to be too tied down to move.  Must be God’s sense of humour!!


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