Anger, a house and the Show

Well it’s happened.  We (that is my sister and I) found a house.  It’s all a bit scary and exciting.  Have spent the last week chasing people for paperwork.  Very tedious- all I want to do is pack and move in.  I’ve had my panic about money too- no doubt I will again… and again.  All I know is that I wouldn’t lend money to me- it doesn’t make human sense. 

But I do know that it makes God sense.


Lots of other stuff happening too.  Am in the middle of doing a marching band gig at the Royal Show.  Only 5 nights this time (last time we did this we were on every night and it just about killed us).

Been really angry too and ready to ‘chuck in’ a few things.  Not my normal self.  Moments of extreme blondness too.  Not sure what’s going on.


3 thoughts on “Anger, a house and the Show”

  1. Hey Janie
    i Love you
    Coffee time definately!!(or chocolate:))
    I had to have a cup of chino yesterday though cos well, the machine was my idea after all :P. anyhoo, i hope ppl get back to you soon so you can move. It will be great if i can move rooms too. By the time you and kate have moved you will be egcellent movers so then u can help me move!! Lub Ya
    Lub Claire

  2. Claire…love has a ‘o’ and a ‘v’ and an ‘e’…
    Lub sounds like something Bill & Ben the flowerpot men would say. 🙂

    Lub lub flobba dub


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