Buying a house

My sister and I have been house hunting for about 6 months now, with spurts of great activity and then nothing.  We’re busy people so it makes it a bit hard.  I do feel like we’ve been learning through the whole process, though there have been times when I’ve felt rather stuck and hopeless about it all.

Seems that God is calling me to start actioning things- taking up opportunities as they are presented to me.  I do have a habit of sitting on the sidelines watching life pass me by.  It’s all a strange process really.  Is this part of the change thing?  Who knows.

I’m still waiting to connect the dots.

Well… the process has started.  Am leaping into the unknown- putting in an offer for the house we saw yesterday.  Let’s see what happens!


One thought on “Buying a house”

  1. Hey Janie
    A house will come along. I just Know it. You and kate deserve the best and you will get it. EMily is being a twit N4AND JUST TYPING LETTERS IN WHILE I AM4 TRYING TO TYPE. 9SORRY. I love you janie. (No matter how old you are :)) Love Claire

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