Active After School Communitiies

Did some training over the weekend for OSHC (Out of School Hours Care- yep, one of the 5 jobs).  Quite enjoyed it; I think mostly because I could immediately see how I could implement it in OSHC and other organisations I work in.  It was also fun mucking around and playing games with my co-workers.

The Active After School Program is a Federal program for schools and OSHCs based on the playing for life philosophy.  The idea is to get inactive children active by having fun playing sport.  Coaches come to the school/OsHC to run games based on a particular sport for 8 weeks- we are having martial arts and tai chi this term.  What I really like is the ‘capacity building’ aspect of it all.  The children are asked for input- their ideas, what they liked/disliked, even the option to design games- giving them confidence and leadership skills.  And then there are oportunities to link with sporting clubs in the community.

As someone who has played (and continues to play) sport, I know what I have gained from being involved in sport.  Should I be more active?  Yes!  Do I let my crazy life get in the way?  Yes!  But at least I’ve got the skills to be able to do something about it.  I can see this program giving children skills to be ‘active’ for life.


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