Discrimination and openness

Been reading an interesting post on Blob regarding a lawsuit against Craigslist.  Apparently there is a discrimination law suit pending against Craigslist because of some of the housing advertisements placed on it that specify type of housemate being sought.

Anyway, what got me thinking, and some of it is still whirring around in my brain, is David’s comments (on Blob) regarding discrimination. 

Face it, no matter how much they protest they don’t, people discriminate. While I’m no aficionado on equal opportunity – far from it, I’m just your normal guy with a disability – here in Australia it seems the question is whether the discrimination is ‘fair’ in the circumstance (whatever that really means – ‘fair’ discrimination).

When I want to be honest with myself, I have to admit that I know I discriminate and judge other people.  Most of it happens in my head and any actions by me that do discriminate are unintentional.

But I also know, as I had to look for a housemate about 12 months ago, that I wanted a Christian female- and that is extremely important as to how the house operates and how we as housemates interact.

David continues:

Rather than a negative, I see what’s happening on Craigslist as a positive indicator of society. It is an indication of acceptance of and an expressed desire for people to be included by other people. It’s saying to the people being offered tenancy ‘you’re wanted‘ in society

My concern comes from when there is no one who wants to accept you- there is no subgroup that would like to share a house with you, or whatever the particular issue may be.  That’s where discrimination kicks in- but right know I don’t know how to reconcile it all.

I don’t know… still trying to connect the dots…


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