Went to a funeral today- supporting a friend.  In fact, a family that my family has been supporting.  So I guess today I could be an observer.  I had met the person once or twice before he passed away, but as I said before, I was there to support a friend.

It was my first experience at a non-religious service; an experience I found both unsettling and sad.  Being a Christian and regular attender at church services, I am used to the structure of a christian service.  I know where I am and where the service is going. It was also sad because there was no hope.  Meant to be a celebration of a life well lived, it became a remembrance of a loved one now lost forever.  Nothing wrong with that I spose, but so sad.  No hope of seeing them again in heaven.  No hope in God and His awesome promises and power.

I am a ‘people’ person- I do not like to see anyone in pain.  To see someone you know crash into tears is hard for me to see.  I am ‘wired’ to want to help, assist, comfort.

Where am I going with this?  I don’t know.  Maybe I just needed to get some of these things out of my brain and into written form.  All I know is, I want my funeral to be a true celebration- that I am home with God.  That my friends and family can celebrate the same hope and faith together.  That we will see each other again.


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