Chaplaincy- student wellbeing

Attended a teacher training and development day today. Second time I've been asked (in 4 years) but the first I've actually been able to attend.

Very interesting- I seem to enjoy learning about such subjects. Gets my brain whirring and thinking about possibilities. Concerns me though- it was only my discussion group that actually talked about using the Chaplain (I didn't bring it up) as a tool for assisting in student and therefore whole of school wellbeing.

Has given me lots to think about my role and visibility in the Schools. I knew I had work still to do (there are some things like information pamphlets and posters which I should have done years ago- my fault) but I had thought that my visibility would be higher in the Primary School. And not just my visibility, but possibilities and ideas about my involvement in the classroom and the School community.

So much work to do… so little time!


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