Glenelg on a wintery day

Spent an hour watching the water at Glenelg today. Needed some peace and space to clear my head. Had a long chat with God about stuff. Very overdue. Very needed

Some observations (may be called poetry, you never know!):

The push and pull
All energy and force
The crash as the wave dumps its contents on the sand.
And it starts all again
One wave goes out
As the other comes in
White foam and sand all mixed up.

I am drawn to the beach
The monotony and regularity of each wave
I see nothing new that others haven't seen
But it relaxes and calms me
and fascinates me all at once.

In the distance
the sun breaks through the clouds
and dances on the water.
And my eye is drawn to the brightness of it all
In contrast to the dull green and grey blue.

But I like the 'crash'
the spray
the bubble and foam.

I got some great photos last year when I was on Kangaroo Island of the waves crashing on the rocks at Stokes Bay. Will have to put them up on here.


Song for Today 2

Been running away- metaphorically speaking. Seem to do it quite regularly, especially when I feel out of control.

 You deserve so much better than I know I could give.  Don't want to presume on Your grace.  Have anyway.

Why do I run from the One Person I need the most?

Tired of running.  Tired of trying to find new hiding places. 

Chaplaincy- student wellbeing

Attended a teacher training and development day today. Second time I've been asked (in 4 years) but the first I've actually been able to attend.

Very interesting- I seem to enjoy learning about such subjects. Gets my brain whirring and thinking about possibilities. Concerns me though- it was only my discussion group that actually talked about using the Chaplain (I didn't bring it up) as a tool for assisting in student and therefore whole of school wellbeing.

Has given me lots to think about my role and visibility in the Schools. I knew I had work still to do (there are some things like information pamphlets and posters which I should have done years ago- my fault) but I had thought that my visibility would be higher in the Primary School. And not just my visibility, but possibilities and ideas about my involvement in the classroom and the School community.

So much work to do… so little time!

Musings on Change

Change- it's part of life. We either hate it or embrace it. Whatever way, change rolls on by.

At the moment, there's a possibility that I might get a new job that will mean a huge change in my life, and for once I'm not afraid of it. Something's happened.

What is there in us that causes us to accept change, and then other times run from it?

Is it linked to hope?

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see" Hebrews 11:1

Opposite of fear is faith.

Well I guess, as another wise man said to me "if nothing changes, nothing changes " (You can check out his blog at )

Well here goes…

I didn't think that writing my first blog would be so hard.  One more blog in a world of millions of blogs.

Is going to take me a while to get my head around all of this, but I'm willing to give it a go.

 For those of you who don't know me, I'm a single 30-something year old chick who currently juggles 5 part time jobs.  I love music and reading.  And I'm discovering lately that I'm becoming more and more passionate about child protection and other issues relating to children.

There's more to me… but that's all for now.